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Angel's Closet

The  Angel's Closet is ostomy supplies that are available for free to ostomates that need them due to insufficient insurance, no insurance, or the need for an emergency supply. 


The Angel's Closet is located within the Bay Breeze RX at 3350 East Bay Drive, Largo, Florida. The hours are Monday - Friday from 11 am to 4 pm. 

Donations are appreciated and graciously accepted during regular hours or you can drop them off at one of our meetings. 

If you need assistance obtaining supplies from within the Angel's Closet, please contact Lila Watkins at 727-744-2660.


Ostomy Clinic

The Ostomy Clinic provides services to ostomates. The clinic provides services such as assistance with skin breakdown, appliance fittings, and education. The clinic provides the services of a Certified Wound Ostomy Continence Nurse (CWOCN). 

The services are free to the ostomate. The clinic is housed within the Bay Breeze RX at 3350 East Bay Drive, Largo, Florida.  

The clinic operates by appointment. If you are in need of an appointment, please contact Lila Watkins at 727-744-2660. 



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